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Kinds of Termite Treatment

May 25, 2015



Termites have been munching on wood for centuries. There are many types of termites. Some can build mounds that are even taller than man, while others live in subterranean waters. They love to destroy people’s homes. Studies also show that termites are important decomposers since they can break down decaying and dead trees and tough plant fibers. As the termites create tunnels, they can also improve and aerate the soil. Sadly, people build homes from wood, the main termite food.

People spend billions every year for the treatment of termites and for the repair of damages that they’ve caused. Due to this, homeowners are taking termite treatment very seriously. It is a fact that there are several categories of termites; hence, there are different treatments which are available. For each treatment, the objective is to keep these termites from destroying the wood within the home or business.

Many homebuyers and builders have their new homes treated in order to prevent these termites from attacking. The treatments can be accomplished before building actually starts or even during the construction process. These treatments are referred to as pre-treats or pre-construction treatments.

For years, pre–construction treatments were completed with liquid pesticides. While this technique is still very common until these days, there are new methods that are being developed. Pre–construction treatments include using a physical barrier within the soil to keep the termites out of the place. The barriers might be constructed out of plastic, wire mesh, sand, and gravel.

Several pre-construction treatments are likewise being done through the use of termite bait stations that are set up in the soil. Additionally, framing lumber is treated using borate solution while the house is being constructed. The best thing about the solution is that it does not affect the quality of the lumber, but it can make the wood toxic or poisonous to termites if they ever go for an attack.

It’s more common for businesses and homes to be treated after they’ve been built. The treatments are referred to as post–construction treatments. Given that subterranean termites are widespread in most parts of the country, these elements mostly attack homes.

Several treatments against subterranean termites are completed for two reasons — first, to stop termites from causing damages to a home or to stop these elements from attacking. When you want to enforce preventive treatments, this would normally involve treating the entire house. These are also called complete termite treatments.

Once the termites have already attacked the house or building, the owner thereof has no other choice but to go for a complete treatment. On the other hand, if the structure is large, expert termite exterminators will only treat the affected area. This selective process is called spot treatment.

Post–construction termite treatments are applied to the soil and under the home. It can also be placed around the foundation of the building so as to prevent subterranean termites from attacking. In cases of widespread termite infestation, the best thing to do is to hire termite specialists to handle the job.

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